Residential Equity Investment Program

Stonebridge Capital Group (SBCG) through its full-service Real Estate Investment Bank offers a full range of equity finance structures on income-producing properties.
Investment activities are focused on properties located in the continental United States in primary and secondary markets.


2-7 Year Time Horizon


Investment Size  $2MM and up


Acquisition/ Recapitalization/ Development

Program Highlights

  • Property types: SFR/ Multifamily/ Student Housing/ Senior Living / Manufactured housing
  • Transaction type: Acquisition/ Recapitalization/ Development
  • Investment size: $2MM and Up
  • Time horizon: 2-7 years
  • No prepayment
  • Minimum capital contribution by Sponsor (10% of total Equity contribution required or 2% of total project costs)

Possible Structures

  • Preferred Equity (Typical required IRR's of 8% and up)
  • JV Equity (Typical required IRR's of 12-20%)

Qualifying Parameters

  • Previous experience required.
  • Primary & Secondary markets in the US
  • Preferential treatment given if debt is provided SBCG
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